Most of what I did over the holidays was be sick, attend to others who were sick, and stalk MySJSU to see if my degree had been awarded. I can say will pride that it finally has!
When it updated I was elated and proud.

Strutting like a boss!
Too Damn Early

It’s official I have my MLIS and a lifetime of crippling student loan debt! Whee!
In my last post I mentioned about how I was going to enjoy my coffee and contemplation filled mornings but, as with Hopper, those were short-lived for me.





I decided why relax when I can jump right back into the workforce so soon after completing a graduate degree? I am now a part-time Librarian at the local public library in addition to volunteering at a local private school. I’m already feverishly designing book displays.


Yes, this is what librarians do all day

So I have graduated and I’m working. I’m also writing up a series of posts on my e-portfolio, because, you know, time on my hands.

Try getting that earwig out of your head