Librarians are in effect “service educators.” We provide informational service and instruction to persons from every walk of life with seemingly every type of information need. In the course of my LIS training I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to do more formal instructional projects including LibGuides, Subject guides, and Infographics.

For a previous course in Data Services I created a Guide on the Side as my training project. I chose Guide on the Side because I liked the idea of the program and it didn’t involve needing to record my voice. For the project we were tasked with creating a tutorial that involved statistics and a real-world tie in. I decided to use the US Census Bureau and UN Data resources and gender statistics as my basis for the project.

You can explore my Guide on the Side HERE.



If you haven’t tried Guide on the Side, I recommend it. It’s an interactive tutorial with a lot of great features.  It was fairly easy to use and I really enjoyed the interface for creating a guide.