I’ve always wanted to blog, but never had anything to say that I felt warranted world wide web publication. But now it seems to be the right time and place (and it *is* an assignment for a class.)

A Little About Me:
My name is Annie. I’m a MLIS student (Master’s of Library & Information Science) and student at home mom. Why am I the Call Number Ninja? When I was in undergrad I worked at the University library and between work and using 3 different libraries for coursework (I worked at Fine Arts and used the Science & Engineering, Humanities, and Education libraries liberally) I came to know the Library of Congress (LC) call number system quite well at 4 of the 5 libraries on campus. So much so that I was often able to give patrons the exact call number or call number range of items for which they were looking. One patron called me a “Call Number Ninja” and it stuck. So here I am.

Why Library & Information Science?
That’s a not so simple question. In fact, if I’d never worked in a library in undergrad I may have never thought of studying Library Science. I’ve always loved books, and I love libraries, but honestly, it never occurred to me until I worked in one how fascinating it was. There was no aspect of working in the library I didn’t love (no matter how seemingly mundane the task) and I wanted to learn more and more. After I graduated and entered the work force I found myself comparing every job to that one in the library and I knew I’d never be happy anywhere else.
What I love about Library Science is there is so much to learn, and it’s an ever-evolving field. It’s the perfect fit for someone like me who craves learning new things and using that knowledge. And because there is so much to learn, so many facets of Library Science, I know I’ll always have new challenges.