Postscript to Learning Journal post 14: Abelist Language and What to Do About It

One of the most difficult areas I have overcoming is ableist language. So much of our language is imbued with terminology that are ableist slurs or oppressive words and part of being accessible and supporting diversity is avoiding this language. I still slip into this language, but I’m aware of it and I’m trying to … Continue reading

Learning Journal Post 14: Disability and Library Services

As a librarian, I am committed to diversity. Often, one group gets left out of the diversity (and intersectionality) conversation: disabled people. This relegates these patrons to the background, to a passive position, much like the current handicapped sign. Fellow student Jana Brubaker in her post Students, or Patrons with Disabilities, discusses the American Libraries … Continue reading

Learning Journal Post 12: How Do We Solve a Problem like Reading Levels?

This post was inspired by a classmate’s post (which was inspired by another classmate’s post-one more and we reach full postception status) about reading levels. I was drawn to this post because reading levels are something that has come up frequently at my library. The admins and teachers are very hung up on reading levels. … Continue reading

Learning Journal Post 11: What School Libraries can Learn from Willy Wonka

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not becauseI had read and loved the book or because I identified with any of the characters but mostly because I identified with chocolate and I loved Gene Wilder in everything he’s done. 1. ¬†Generate a Buzz Publicity if your … Continue reading