Finding the Best Place to Work

How many of us have dreamed of working somewhere only to find that it was less than stellar, or a really poor fit? Even dream jobs┬ácan turn into nightmares quickly leading people to run for the hills. I know I’ve taken positions that looked great only until a few months in when all the newness … Continue reading

Book Nerd Porn-link love

Interestingly, the Merriam Webster online dictionary does not include the more colloquial use of the word “porn” or pornography. It still is reserved for material or acts of a sexual nature, though this word has crept into everyday language: “Food Porn” “Book Porn,” etc. Indeed, other words have be co-opted for similar purpose: “Nerdgasm”, “Foodgasm” … Continue reading

Becoming the Next Class of Librarians Part 4: Skills and Trends

From my exploration of the current climate employers want a broad knowledge base or specialized skills depending on the position, and the future of the academic librarian is a more hybridized or blended position possessing a significant amount of technological savvy. Experience for any library job, whether paid or via internship or volunteering, is crucial … Continue reading

New Years’ wrap up

2013 was, overall, a pretty awesome year. My kiddo turned 1, our family went vegan and I started graduate school for a Master’s of Library and Information Science, a step towards my dream job. I hope 2014 only gets better, I am ringing it in early (probably around 10 PM) with a chest cold, but … Continue reading